Geekopolis 2015

Photos Geekopolis 2015

During the 2015 edition of Geekopolis, Nicolas Meunier photographed guests and visitors on Albator's throne.

This throne manufactured by Artech Deco for the Albator Shooting with Nikita Cosplay.

Seing the success of the photoshoot, the famous throne took a journey through Paris for Geekopolis so the visitors could get their picture taken.

Many people came to be photographed by Nicolas Meunier during his exciting week-end.

Our Geekopolis photo gallery abounds of amazing cosplays, and guests like the Noob crew, Frenchnerd collective mostly know for the webserie « Le Visiteur du Futur », le Joueur du Grenier, LinksTheSun, Popette Cosplay, Marcus, Superman, The Little Mermaid and many others to discover.

Thanks to all and Geekopolis for making this adventure possible.


Frenchnerd collective, creators of webseries and short films.

  • Le Joueur du Grenier Frédéric Molas is a French Youtuber creating humorous videos about videogames and retrogaming.
  • Kei Yuki et Sparadrap (Noob)Meeting between Nikita Cosplay and Frederic Zolfanelli alias Sparadrap, one of the main characters from Noob.
  • MarcusReporter, anchorman (Nolife, Game One…) Marcus is an emblematic figure in the video game universe.

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Discover the gallery with all the pictures from our Albator photoshoot at Geekopolis 2015 !
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Harlock Shooting, Anadore Photography

Harlock Cosplay Shooting, No Limit, Adversiting benefits serving cosplay

For years now, I’ve been interested in cosplay and geek photography, but I’ve always been disappointed, seeing amazing costumes staged in convention and without a proper light. This project is for me an occasion to show what can be feasible, with the help of Nikita’s fabulous cosplay, and having available all the means usually dedicated to fashion and advertising.

he shooting is also an opportunity to try, for the first time, the new Profoto B2 250 AirTTL generator.

Nicolas Meunier


Harlock is the most complete project we had ever done !

I’d never imagined that this cosplay project would be so unifying, all the team gave the best to bring this project to life. A huge thank you to them and to Nikita Cosplay. I hope that you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed doing it.

Nicolas Meunier

  • Miimé & Kei Yuki It too almost 4 hours for the Blush&Crush Team to realize this cosplay/body painting of Nibelungen.
  • Kei Yuki and the Profoto B2A picture realized in TTL mode with the brand new Profoto B2 250, supported by a B1 Profoto behind in the smoke
  • Fire at will! It took 8 months to Artech Deco to realize this wooden throne decorated with resin sculptures. It measures 2m40 (7ft10) and weighs more than 80kgs (176lbs).

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Do you need a creative team for epic pictures ?

Nicolas Meunier : Photographer but also engineer, he became known primarily because of his lighting skill. Born in the Harlock generation (the french surname of the 70’s), he’s a geek, and you can feel it, in is cinematographic inspirations, and especially when the culture of imagination and fashion and adversiting rigor met.
His credo ? At least 90% of the picture must be obtained in the raw picture.
Today, he shares his passion for light in the pages of Chasseur d’Images.

  • • Editor for the french magazine Chasseur d’Images
  • • Creative photographer at Anadore, Creative Studio
  • • Many publications in Japan Live Style / Animeland etc..
  • • Over 10 years experience in fashion, luxury.